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With a baby on the way, a bedside sleeper crib is a must-have for mums. Unsure about the benefits? Then read on at the bottom of the page for some practical tips about bedside cribs.

  • Alain Bedside Sleeper Crib in Grey from Petite Amélie

    Bedside Sleeper Crib «Alain» | 90x40cm | Grey

  • cold-foam-baby-mattress-crib-90x55-petite-amelie-1

    Mattress for the Nuage Sleeper Crib 90x55 with extender

  • Multi-Functional Bedside Sleeper Crib «Nuage» | White

    Multi-Functional Bedside Sleeper Crib «Nuage» | White

  • baby-mattress-90x40-cold-foam-petite-amelie-1

    Cradle Mattress Premium Cold Foam 90X40

  • Fitted Mattress Protector Sheet 55x90 from Petite Amélie

    Crib Mattress Protector 90x55 - Premium Quality

  • Comfort Mattress Protector for Baby Cradle from Petite Amélie

    Cradle Mattress Protector 90x40 | Comfort

  • white_acorn_printed_fitted_sheet_90x40cm_petite_amelie

    90x40cm Woodlands Cot Fitted Sheet «Automne» | White

  • 40x90cm_girls_blue_fitted_sheet_with_dainty_flower_print_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Champêtre» 40x90cm | Blue

  • 90x40_moon_star_printed_charcoal_grey_fitted_sheet_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet for cot «Lune» 40x90cm | Grey

  • cot_bed_grey_fitted_sheet_with_tree_design_90x40cm_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Forêt» 40x90cm | Light Grey

  • dusty_pink_floral_fitted_sheet_90x40cm_petite_amelie

    Cot Fitted Sheet «Sureau» 40x90cm | Soft Pink

  • white_acorn_printed_fitted_sheet_55x90cm_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Automne» 55x90cm | White

  • 55x90cm_girls_blue_fitted_sheet_with_dainty_flower_print_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Champêtre» 55x90cm | Blue

  • 90x55cm_moon_star_printed_charcoal_grey_fitted_sheet_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Lune» 55x90cm | Grey

  • co_sleeper_grey_fitted_sheet_with_tree_design_90x55cm_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Forêt» 55x90cm | Light Grey

  • dusty_pink_floral_fitted_sheet_90x55cm_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Sureau» 55x90cm | Soft Pink

  • organic_cotton_fitted_sheet_90x40cm_petite_amelie

    Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet | 90x40cm - Off-White

  • Organic Cotton Baby Cot Mattress Sheet in Taupe from Petite Amélie

    ORGANIC COTTON Fitted Crib Sheet | 90x40cm | Light Taupe

  • Organic Cotton Fitted Cot Mattress Sheet in Off-White

    Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet | 90x55cm - Off White

  • Organic Cotton Cot Mattress Sheet for Baby

    Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet - 90x55cm | Light Taupe


You are looking forward to the arrival of your baby. While this is a very exciting milestone, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to prepare yourself and navigate through all the baby products and information you see.

When it comes to necessity and convenience, a bedside crib is one of the first items you’ll want to consider having before the arrival of your newborn. During the first few months after birth, a bedside crib - also called a bedside crib or co-sleeper - can be a practical and enjoyable solution for both mother and baby. With your child so close to you at bedtime, it creates a safe space for your little one. A bedside crib is also useful for breastfed babies. Simply lay your little one next to you and you won’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night. Not only do you rest easier, but your baby’s natural sleep-wake cycle is less likely to be disturbed by night-time feedings. As the baby feeds half asleep and settled, you can fall asleep again quickly too.

Should I use a bedside sleeper crib?

It is truly a personal choice. A bedside sleeper is especially helpful for new mothers who want to keep their babies close at night. A multi-functional bedside sleeper is a good solution as it can be used for co-sleeping or as a freestanding crib.

What are the benefits of co-sleeping?

What makes a bedside crib ideal for parents? The greatest advantage is that, for the first 6 months, you have your child sleeping safely in your bedroom, where you can keep a close eye on him or her. If immediate care is needed, your baby is within arm’s reach. Having a bedside-sleeping baby is also convenient for night-time feeding.

It’s just like having your baby in bed with you, but an even more safe option. The baby is less likely to be exposed to hazards such as the risk of heat accumulation and SID, as compared to babies who sleep in their parents’ bed. So, buying a bedside crib is a safe and helfpul choice for parents.

What accessories do I need for my bedside sleeper crib?

Just like with a normal bed, you need a breathable baby mattress for the bedside crib. A cold foam mattress with a detachable and washable cover is also a great choice. It’s important to choose the correct dimensions for the bed. If possible, go for a soft, breathable mattress protector to ensure comfort and hygiene. After all, with small babies enjoying their milk the way they do, even the best nappy can leak! And with some mattresses, it may be difficult to spot stains right away. Complete with baby-safe add-ons like a fitted sheet, along with accessories like a teether, blanket, and a cuddle toy, the bedside crib can make a fantastic bed for newborns.

Sliding bed or a 4-in-1 bedside sleeper?

Thinking about your baby’s needs and how to provide for them will help you answer this question. You can opt for a crib with a side opening that you place against your bed. It attaches to your bed with a special hook, and the mattress of this bed extends slightly, so that it fits seamlessly beside your mattress with no spaces in between. If you think it's time for your baby to be moved to the nursery, this baby bed converts into a normal crib bed effortlessly.

Safe naps in the bedside crib

Safety is the most important factor for baby rooms, bedding, and bedside sleepers as well. Opting for a crib bed with a clean and practical design like ours is an excellent choice for every parent, because it’s made of sturdy and safe materials that meet European safety standards. Likewise, a good quality baby mattress is essential to the safety of your baby’s bed. Therefore, please examine all your options carefully when it comes to mattresses. That way, you won’t compromise on safety.


With Petite Amélie’s classic and timeless products, you can use each item to create your own beautiful nursery design. With a white wooden baby crib, you can decorate the bed with a range of colourful accessories. Add a soft cotton baby blanket in the colour sand pink to compliment the white crib frame. Many products come in the same colours to let you match accessories throughout the nursery room. Best of all, you are the designer! Take a look at our collection of products to complete your baby room.