Lyon 2010, a mum-to-be can’t find the baby cot of her dreams for her daughter. Taking matters into her own hands, she designs it herself and has it made, and so Petite Amélie was born!


Today, at Petite Amélie, we envision children's bedrooms with the utmost attention to detail. Our designs feature timeless aesthetics, clean lines that evolve with your child, and neutral colours that grant you the freedom to imagine, design, and create a unique space. Every piece we craft is designed to inspire and nurture childhood wonder, offering endless possibilities for exploration and discovery.

“A room created by your imagination,
for their imagination.”


Following the success of our first cradle, Petite Amélie’s range has gradually expanded to encompass a comprehensive collection. We now offer complete baby and children’s bedrooms, transitional beds, infants’ chests of drawers and wardrobes, children’s bed linen, and wooden toys. Each product is crafted with the same attention to detail as when we started, and the timeless design ensures it grows with your child and inspires their imagination at every stage.

toddler room

Every child deserves a magical childhood. At Petite Amélie, we craft timeless children’s rooms and classic toys designed to inspire. Here, every piece invites imagination, opening infinite possibilities for children to explore and discover their amazing world.

Made by a Mum,
Created for imagination.

Petite Amélie: Made by a Mum, Created for Imagination.

Where every design nurtures the wonder of childhood.

Discover our children’s room solutions and classic toys!