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The nursery or toddler room is almost finished and just the finishing touches are left. A fun children's lamp is a great way to add light to the space and decorate the room. View our lovely lamp collection made from wood. Toddlers will love to have them as a night light for storytime. 

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Finding the perfect children's room lamp: Our tips

Here are some useful tips for choosing a children's room lamp... Choosing the right lighting determines the atmosphere in the nursery. Even during the day when the lights are off, children's lamps are a fantastic accessory to complete your room. In combination with the main (ceiling) lighting, a small reading lamp or night lamp turns the children's room into a room with a cosy atmosphere. The original children's lamps from Petite Amélie are handmade and brighten up any room, even when they are not lit.

Original Children's Lamps

For children from 2 years, a reading light next to or near the cot is a must. Naturally, when you read a story to your little one, it will be very helpful to have a nice light on close by. In addition, it is also nice if children can turn on the light themselves when they wake up at night or want to read a book in the morning on dark winter mornings. The original children's lamps in the shapes of animals add character to the room as well. The children's animal lamps are incredibly fun to hang in the nursery. There are different types of animal lamps:

  • Owl
  • Hedgehog
  • Rabbit
  • Fox
  • Unicorn
  • Whale
All children's lamps are made of wood. The wooden children's lamps are hand-made in Europe and have the CE standard.

Lighting in the Nursery and Safety

Before purchasing a wooden children's lamp or table lamp, check whether there are sufficient sockets in the children's room. Just to be sure, always check that they are firmly secured in the wall. Even when children pull on the cable or bump into the socket, a children's room lamp should of course never come off the wall.

Also note that your little one cannot pull a night light or reading light from the table or bedside table via the loose cables. You can get loose cables out of sight with cable clips. In addition to the standard clips, there are also fun, playful clips on the market.

Also choose children's room lamps made of child-friendly materials such as wood or plastic. Children's lamps in the bedroom that are made entirely of glass entail a risk in the children's room if children fall on it or if the glass breaks unexpectedly while playing. You can also place a child's lamp at a safe height on top of, for example, a bedside table. Electrical equipment must always have a CE marking (the small CE logo). With this mandatory logo, the manufacturer declares that the lamp is safe and meets the European safety standards.

Durabilty of a Children's Room Light

A lamp for the nursery must stand firmly and must not fall over from the slightest contact to avoid the risk of breakage. This way you can also place the children's lamps on a wooden wall shelf. Lamps with a wooden base that are not that sturdy can also be attached to the surface.

Tips for buying a Toddler Lamp at a glance

The most important tips for purchasing a children's room lamp relate to safety and the location where your children's room lamps are mounted. Below you will find a brief overview of all tips:

  • Are there enough sockets in the room?
  • Are these firmly attached to the wall?
  • Make sure there are no loose cables (use cable clips)
  • Ensure that a child cannot pull a children's room lamp from a table or bedside table
  • Choose child-friendly materials (wood)
  • Check whether a light meets CE standards, at Petite Amélie this is the case
  • LED lighting is environmentally friendly

If you have any questions, please send us an email at or call +44 204 579 9285. Our team is happy to help you with all your questions and requests regarding children's lights.

Sustainability of Children's Bedroom Lamps

LED lighting for children's lamps in the nursery room saves a lot of energy, lasts a long time and doesn't get hot either. The LED children's lamps and baby lamps from Petite Amélie are built to last thousands of hours so that you can enjoy the children's lamps for the bedroom for a long time.