Wooden Dolls House Furniture

Your little one has found their dream home and now it’s time to start decorating with the perfect dolls house furniture! Whether your little one has got their heart set on one house in particular or you’re planning to surprise them on their birthday, find the perfect dolls house furniture set to make their day! Transform your house into a cosy home for their favourite figurines with just a few pieces of dolls house furniture. You don’t need to choose all of your dolls house furniture at once. Children are known to play with their dolls house and dolls house furniture sets all throughout their childhood. Add to their collection year on year at birthdays and Christmas time. Find the perfect dolls house furniture for your little one at Petite Amélie.

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wooden grey dollhouse furniture set from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls House Furniture 19-piece Set | Mint Grey

Special Price 26,96 Regular Price 29,95
wooden dollhouse furniture set retro from Petite Amélie

Retro wooden dollhouse furniture | 16 piece set

Special Price 31,46 Regular Price 34,95
white wooden dollhouse furniture set from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls House Furniture 19-piece Set | Natural

Special Price 26,96 Regular Price 29,95
dollhouse furniture set pink from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls House Furniture 19-piece Set | Powder Pink

Special Price 26,96 Regular Price 29,95
kidsroom dollhouse furniture set in natural wooden from Petite Amélie

Doll house furniture 10-piece set | Kidsroom | White/Wood

Special Price 22,46 Regular Price 24,95
Doll house furniture 14 piece set in white and pastel blue made from wood Campagne from Petite Amélie


Special Price 31,46 Regular Price 34,95

Doll House Furniture

Little boys and girls of all ages all love to play house in one way or another. This type of imaginative play and modelling real-world behaviour is great for their development, no matter how far-fetched some of their made-up scenarios may seem! Children can play with their dolls house on their own or with a friend or sibling, making this a great activity for all kinds of occasions. Find the perfect home for your little one and furnish it with a set to match. Here at Petite Amélie, we design high quality and timeless children’s toys and furnishings made from durable and sustainable materials. We pay just as much attention when it comes to creating our doll house furniture as we do when it comes to the real deal. Your little one can even enjoy matching their doll house furniture with their real bedroom, since many of our designs feature the same cosy Scandinavian style. From our doll house furniture to our luxurious bedding, you can be sure that everything in the Petite Amélie range features the same high quality and classic designs. Your children will get hours of enjoyment out of their doll house furniture, enjoying their doll house furniture sets for years to come. For quality that lasts until it’s time for your doll house furniture to be passed on and enjoyed by another little one. Handcrafted and tested for safety, choose Petite Amélie for doll house furniture you know you can trust, perfect for your child. We recommend choosing doll house furniture made from solid wood, read on to find out why.

Wooden Dolls House Furniture

There are so many reasons why solid wood makes a great starting point when it comes to crafting quality children’s toys and furnishings, even down to our handmade wooden dolls house furniture. Wooden dolls house furniture not only looks great, but is of a high enough quality to withstand years of use. Not only is our wooden dolls house furniture durable, but it is also sustainable, avoiding contributing to the high quantities of single-use plastic used in manufacturing children’s products worldwide. Safety tested and crafted from natural materials, our wooden dolls house furniture is suitable for even the youngest of children and can be enjoyed by those aged 3 and over. The natural wood and complimentary colours used in our wooden dolls house furniture mean that our sets can be styled to match the existing decor of any bedroom. Your child will adore picking out their favourite shades from our range of wooden dolls house furniture sets.

What dolls house accessories do I need?

A blank canvas ready for you to craft the home of your dreams, when it comes to dolls house accessories, the possibilities truly are endless. Start with the essentials before building on your collection to watch your masterpiece grow. Dolls house accessories make the perfect gift for birthdays and at Christmas time. Your little one will love adding to their collection and furnishing a new room in their dolls house. You and your child might even try crafting some of your own furniture items and accessories. You and your little one might want to try keeping your eyes peeled for simple household items that could be kept and repurposed for your dolls house. Essential dolls house accessories may include the following:

  • Bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Bath
  • Toilet
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Sink
  • Oven

What scale is most dollhouse furniture?

Doll furniture can range in size and scale from 1:6 and 1:12 to 1:16 and 1:24, though 1:12 is by far the most widely used ratio found in doll furniture. The perfect size for little hands, your little one will love using their imagination to play all kinds of games. Don’t worry if you end up with pieces that are a mismatch of different sizes, your little one won’t notice the slight differences and it’s all part of the fun and imaginative play.

What are doll house furniture sets made of?

Doll house furniture sets can be made of all kinds of materials. At Petite Amélie, all of our doll house furniture sets are made of wood for a natural and sustainable choice. Our wooden products will withstand years of play before being passed down for another child to enjoy, safety tested and quality checked for your peace of mind. After years of use you might like to revamp or refresh your dolls house by repainting some of the pieces, this can make a great art project with your older child who has started growing out of their dolls house.

A cherished possession or a beloved family heirloom, who knows what the future holds for your Petite Amélie wooden dolls house.