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Children's Table Set with Bunny Chairs | Natural


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Fitted Sheet «Champêtre» 70x140cm | Floral Blue


Inspiration for a complete toddler's room: read our top tips

Is your little prince or princess quickly growing up as a toddler? Here are some tips and ideas on creating a nice room for your little one to play and sleep in. 

#1: How to choose the right bed for a toddler room?

Searching for a new bed for your child is a task that begs the question: "What's the difference between a toddler bed and a junior bed?" The sizing is the main difference. When choosing between the two, you want to think about how quickly your child is growing. Of course, not every situation – or indeed, family - is the same. But we hope to be able to provide you with a complete overview, so that the choices you make whilst buying a nursery come more easily.


A toddler bed measures 70x140 cm. It's the ideal child's bed for little ones aged 18 to 24 months. Your little angel can easily get used to sleeping in a bed with side rails, developing their motor skills, precisely because the bed isn't very big. With the bed, you'll need a comfortable mattress, a mattress protector, fitted sheets and some blankets. 

You'll want to get a breathable, hypoallergenic mattress for your child. This type of mattress is often made from cold foam, which has a open cell structure for breathability. While your child is still learning to be potty trained, you can protect the mattress with a waterproof mattress cover. Above the mattress cover, you'll want to add a soft, cotton fitted sheet for comfort. Finally, keep your little one cosy with a duvet or some blankets on warmer nights. 


There are various ways to decorate your toddler's bed with designs that don't go out of style! You can choose fitted sheets with cute patterns, blankets in neutral colour tones and fun stuffed animals. In Petite Amélie's new bedding collection, you can find beautiful fitted bed sheets with prints such as small flowers, trees and acorns. The blankets are also timeless additions to the toddler bed. Fold them at the base of the bed or save a couple for when your child is cold at any time. As a final touch, add a soft toy that your toddler can cuddle with or simply decorate the bed with it.



In addition to the bed, you'll want to add some other furniture pieces that will let your little one grow and develop further. Consider adding a table set or a desk that you child can read, write and draw at. While your child is learning to become more independent, let him or her choose clothes on an easily visible clothing rack. It's also easy to take a jacket off the rack and hang it back up after. 



Toddlers and pre-schoolers climb and clamber, romp, fall, and stumble. It's part and parcel of growing up. Also, toddler bedrooms often bear the brunt of unexpected house calls and family visits. While you're busy making dinner in the kitchen, you inevitably hear the ruckus in the toddler's bedroom. To prevent unforeseen accidents, you need to take a few measures. Read below some tips to make the bedroom a little safer for toddlers, without compromising on the cosiness of the nursery.


Here's a logical, but not always obvious tip: look at your toddler's bedroom. Crawl, wriggle, and have a thorough look around. Immerse yourself in their perception and see the room through their eyes. Ask yourself: what could my child be bothered about? Where can they climb in or fall off from? What original, funny, or sweet accessories would make the nursery room a true playground and sanctuary? Is there perhaps any room for a toddler desk?


For cool toddler rooms, think beyond the cool colour scheme, and look into the material from which the products are made. Wooden beds, children's tables, and high chairs give the toddler bedroom a tough, rustic look. You can also create a nice seating area with nothing more than a Berber bedspread, a stool, and some cushions. Great place for your child to rest and relax.

Now that the motifs are sorted, dwell on the colours in the room. Check the images our nursery products are displayed through in our online catalogue, and you will find plenty of inspiration for setting up cool nursery rooms. 



Consider storage - in its many forms! Choose a large children's wardrobe for the nursery, or a children's bookcase with space for storage boxes. Here you can store all kinds of small toys, such as dolls, wooden toy cars, and coloured pencils. Large baskets or stackable storage boxes are also very handy. Whimsical and small wall decorations, such as our wall boards, can also serve as storage space, in addition to making a stylish statement. You can effortlessly display and store reading books, but also precious or fragile items in them. The space under the bed is often an unused space where socks and toys roll themselves into oblivion. Choose a storage drawer that you can easily slide under the bed. You will be amazed how much you can put in there! Store toddler bedding, outfits, toys, and seasonal clothing. Or, for example, a second toddler mattress for those oh-so-cosy pyjama parties! 

Complete your toddler room: all our tips

Your little one is in a very important stage of growing, so you want to make sure you create a space they'll enjoy and develop in. Here are a few more tips to provide your child with a fun, growing and learning environment:

    • Choose a comfort or waterproof mattress cover depending on your child's age and development

    • Use cotton fabrics that are soft on the skin and breathable

    • Neutral colours and prints don't go out of style and fit with many room interiors

    • Keep extra blankets in storage - they're great for cold nights and add extra comfort

    • Soft stuffed animals are great for cuddling and as decoration for the room

    • Keep the room organized with storage furniture


See our instagram for more inspiration

Our customers have designed beautiful toddler rooms with our products. If you're looking for some ideas, have a look at the photos on our instagram. You can discover how each table set, toddler blanket, stuffed animal and more adds something new to every room.