Toddler Blankets: Made of 100% Knitted Cotton

Discover our knitted toddler blankets made from 100% cotton. With the dimensions 150x100 cm, the blankets are suitable for use with toddler beds. See the collection with a variety of colours and styles below. Order yours on a working day before 7 p.m. and it will be dispatched the same day!
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moss green cot blanket 100x150 organic cotton petite amelie

Cot blanket 100x150cm made of knitted organic cotton | green

Special Price 23,97 Regular Price 39,95
cot blanket 100x80 organic cotton petite amelie

Cot blanket 80x100cm made of knitted organic cotton | green

Special Price 19,77 Regular Price 32,95

Toddler Blankets: Very practical and stylish

A children's blanket can also be used as decoration in the nursery room. Decorate the bed of a chair with a colourful cotton blanket, to make the room more cosy. You can also hang the toddler blanket on a coat rack.Additionally, you can also add an extra blanket on the bed during colder winter days.

Crocheted or with Pom-Poms?

Are you looking for a decorative blanket for the nursery? There are many styles to choose from. Perhaps you prefer a classic crocheted blanket in a solid colour or a finely-knitted blanket with fun pom-poms on the edges. You can also combine the two with each other to add a mix of textures to the toddler bed. Blankets with pom-poms add extra cosiness to the room, while crocheted blankets are more practical for small children. You can find both blanket styles in our collection. Add a decorative pillow with the blankets as a nice finishing touch.

Children's Blanket made of 100% cotton

Our toddler blankets are made from 100% quality cotton and are therfore very soft. A toddler blanket in the size 150 x 100 cm fits a standard toddler bed perfectly.

Also available in sizes for the crib

If you're looking for a baby blanket for the crib, cot or cradle, these same beautiful blankets are available in a smaller size 80 x 100 cm. You can view the collection here.