Choosing a beautiful baby rocking chair for the nursery

Perfect for the nursery: a nice baby rocking chair in which you can rock and feed your baby. In addition to being practical, a rocking chair is also a décor element in the nursery or even the lounge. Do you want to fill up that empty corner in the nursery with a luxurious chair to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby? We have pastel shades or a beautiful grey velvet chair for you. Have a look at our incredible selection below to choose the one that’s right for you.  

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Comfy RETRO Rocking Chair | Grey

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A Baby rocking chair, cozy and soothing

Looking for a perfectly cozy and safe place to feed your newborn or to rock your child to sleep: a nursery rocking chair or baby rocking chair as some would call it, is the perfect choice. Rocking helps to soothe your baby and makes nursing or feeding easier if you are in a comfortable chair. Petite Amélie offers a retro style chair, or a super luxurious velvet chair with soft cushioning.

Why choose a baby rocking chair for the nursery?

Did you know that the rocking chair was inspired by old cribs? The vintage cradles, made of wood, had a rounded base that created a rocking motion. When the baby was in his or her crib, the parents or the nanny could use this swinging motion to calm the baby crying. The white and wooden nursery rocking chair remains elegant and will also look amazing in your living room!

In a few words, the advantages of a baby rocking chair:

✔️ the nursery rocking chair is soothing to put baby to sleep without having to stand and rock

✔️ the parent or caregiver is comfortably seated

✔️ a decorative element in your baby room

✔️ you create a cocooning and safe space in the baby room

As our ancestors did, you can also purchase a nursery rocking chair to install in your baby room. Day or night, you can settle into this baby rocking chair to rock your infant. These bonding moments will do the baby a lot of good. It is also a really nice option for a grandparent or caregiver, the more comfortable and calm the caregiver is, the calmer your baby will feel.

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A rocking chair and bottle or breastfeeding: A perfect companion for very long nights

In addition to being useful for rocking your baby when falling asleep, day or night, the nursery rocking chair is practical for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Your newborn will feel safe and cozy wrapped up in your arms and you will feel comfortable in this chair which has an incredibly soft seat.

In a baby rocking chair, mom or dad is comfortably seated to feed their baby. Having a nursery rocking chair near the crib means you don't have to move your baby from room to room to breastfeed or bottle feed. Thus, baby stays in his or her room, this is their comfort zone, which is very reassuring for them. Among all the types of chairs, the rocking chair, which soothes your baby, seems to be the optimal choice.

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Decorate the nursery with a grey rocking chair

A baby rocking chair is basically a very practical armchair, but it also contributes to the decoration of your child’s room. If you want to buy a nursery rocking chair for your baby's room, choose one with a nice design and a colour that will suit any space. A grey rocking chair is a really great colour choice, it is not only a gender neutral colour, but a grey rocking chair suits any colour them and any space in your home.

A grey rocking chair is a smart choice for your nursery, but also for mom or dad, especially if you are thinking of more than one baby! The colour will never be an issue down the road.

There is a wide variety of baby rocking chairs available today. They come in a variety of colours, materials, shapes and sizes. Make sure to choose one that is suitable for you. Petite Amélie has a comfy retro grey rocking chair that is also available in white and beige, aswell as a luxury cushioned nursery rocking chair.

Rocking chair cushions and a comfortable space for you and your baby!

In the baby room, you can create a cozy corner with your rocking chair, especially if you have rocking chair cushions on your chair. Petite Amélie’s COCON model has velvet rocking chair cushions for extra comfort for yourself and your newborn. For a cozy space, you can place a soft children's washable rug at the feet of the rocking chair, and why not place a small side table next to it with a lamp or children's nightlight.

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Scandinavian and modern rocking chair style

Do you know Scandinavian style? This design from the Nordic countries, born in the 1930s, is once again very trendy. For your baby's room, you can opt for a Scandinavian-style theme. Our modern rocking chair options will fit well with this theme.

Robust and durable, the Petite Amélie chairs will not disappoint! If you have already purchased Petite Amélie furniture for the baby room, the rocking chair will easily match with the current furniture.

Are rocking chairs comfortable?

Petite Amélie’s rocking chairs are most certainly comfortable and if you are looking for something with extra cushioning, our COCON rocking chair comes highly recommended.

Are rocking chairs good for nursing?

Rocking chairs are perfect for nursing, not only are they comfortable for mom, but they are soothing for your baby due to the easy rocking motion you can have.

How to keep rocking chair from scratching wood floor?

The best solution for not scratching the floor is to place a non-slip rug or floor covering under the rocking chair.