Thinking of buying a childrens rug? It is the perfect addition to bring comfort and style to your children's room or the nursery! On this page, Petite Amélie gives you some information on our range, whether you need it for the nursery or as living room rugs, round, rectangular, pink rugs, grey rugs, we have a bit of everything. Ours are super soft rugs and 100% cotton!

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Washable kids rug | Fish


Washable children's rug | Dino | Green


Washable children's rug | Stingray


Washable children's rug | Seahorse

nursery rug washable seashell 95x110cm pink Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug | Seashell | Pink

kids rug washable circle Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug | Round | Dots

washable rugs for kids rooms starfish pink Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug | Starfish | Pink


Washable children's rug | Space rocket


Washable Rainbow Rug | Rose Pink with Peach tones


Childrens machine washable Unicorn rug | Lara


Children's machine washable animal rug | A panda named Bo


Machine washable animal rug for kids room | A lion named Leo


Washable rug for childrens room | Kitty the cat


Kids room washable animal rug | A koala named Bao


Machine washable bear rug | Ted the bear


Washable children's rug with anti-slip coating «CIRCLE» | Dusty Pink

round washable floor rug mint childrens room petite amelie 1

Washable children's rug with anti-slip coating «CERCLE» | Mint Blue


Washable children's rug with anti-slip coating «CERCLE» | Off white-taupe


Kids Machine washable Pear Rug | Off White | Poire


Children's washable bedroom rug | Bunny Rabbit «Lapin» | Grey


Children's washable room rug deer «Cerf» | Taupe


Kids Washable Teardrop shape Rug | Taupe | «GALET»


Childrens Machine Washable Rug | White | «GALET»


Kids Machine Washable Nursery Rug | Grey | «GALET»


1. Defining the space in a room with childrens rugs:

Adding a childrens rug in the nursery is a good idea to define spaces.

Here are some tips on spaces that you can arrange in the children's room:

  • Define the sleeping area with a suitable childrens rug. Your child will have a soft carpet under his feet when he gets up in the morning. In addition, your child's bed will be well surrounded by the carpet and the space will be nicely defined in the bedroom.
  • A small bedroom rug brings warmth and a cosy feel to the bedroom. You can reinforce this feeling of well-being in the children's room by defining a "relax" area. You can have a large rug in an unused corner of the children's room, with cushions, blankets and armchairs. It could be a nice space to read with your child.
  • The childrens rug can also define a play area in the bedroom. Your children can play on a large, comfy rug, rather than sitting or lying on the cold floor. This play corner can be decorated with children's toys, soft toys and maybe some wicker baskets to store your kids toys.

2. A small bedroom rug for any childrens room: Decorate with one from Petite Amélie!

Looking for a beautiful, small bedroom rug to add to your home, we have childrens rugs that will suit any space. A small bedroom rug for a little girl or for a little boy, we have you covered. Our small bedroom rugs are soft to touch as well as a nonslip layer underneath to ensure safety. To add, the pile on our small bedroom rugs are 1.3cm, this means they are super comfy to play on.

Have a look at our Petite Amélie range.

3. Girls small bedroom rug - Soft rugs:

Looking for a soft rug? For a little girl's room, we recommend that you opt for pastel, soft rugs. We have rectangular and round rugs to suit any space. These are playful and fun! Soft rugs are suitable for the nursery or a play area for your child. Colours that can work is a dusty pink rug, grey rug, light grey, white or peach coloured rug. If you are looking for something playful, you can opt for a soft rug with a cute pattern such as a rabbit or a deer. You could also choose a pear shaped rug to make it really fun! Our round, soft rug in dusty pink is really beautiful! .

4. Kids bedroom rug for your little boy - Square rug or a blue rug?

For a young boy's room, when you’re looking for a kids bedroom rug, you can bet on a blue, black, anthracite or green carpet, colours that boys often like. On the pattern side, why not try a wild animal, tiger or lion print? Animals are always a fun way to bring life into a room, especially on a kids bedroom rug. Some of our kids bedroom rugs have fun animal faces to really bring a fun element inside. Kids bedroom rugs can really transform a space, choosing the right one is also an easy choice, so have fun with it!

5. Pastel rug or a touch of colour to decorate your kids bedroom?

Colourful room decor contributes to the decoration of the room, but something like a grey rug or pastel rug can also work wonders in a space. It is a real decorative element, just like a light fixture, a curtain or picture frames on the wall. Choose a colour and pattern that goes well with the furniture and decor of your child's room or nursery. If the children's room is rather minimalistic, with white walls, parquet, wooden furniture, etc., you can choose a fancy rug that will bring a pop of colour to the room. Alternatively, a pastel rug may work well. You could also choose a beautiful off white colour, depending on your style.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cotton rugs:

Why choose a washable childrens rug?

Hygiene is very important in a nursery, popping your floor mat into the wash will help to keep the nursery a clean space.

What colours of the childrens rugs are available from Petite Amélie?

Our flooor mats are available in pastel shades, for example, dusty pink, dusty blue, taupe, etc.

What defines a non-slip childrens rug?

Our range comes with a non-slip layer underneath which makes it safe to place in the nursery.