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Kids love play time. Time for playing gives your little one the space to let their imagination run free and develop new skills. Petite Amélie designs unique wooden toys that are not only super fun to play with, but also look great! Our toys will stand out in the nursery or living room as a beautiful design piece.

See our collection of wooden toys including a doll's pram, a wooden toy kitchen, a toy garage and dolls houses complete with matching accessories. Your little one will enjoy creating stories with these pretend play toys, while you enjoy watching your little one grow!

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Discover the most beautiful wooden toys

White climbing frame wooden from Petite Amélie

CLIMBING FRAME «IGLOO» |150x60 cm | Natural & white

Special Price 169,95 Regular Price 179,95
Beige teepee play tent from Petite Amélie

Teepee Play Tent «Fête» | Off-White

Special Price 80,96 Regular Price 89,95
large wooden dolls house pink with furniture included from Petite Amélie


play kitchen sorbier wood from Petite Amélie taupe

Wooden play kitchen | «Sorbier» | Taupe | With 13-piece white kitchen set


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When designing our new wooden baby toy line, we had three things in mind: 1) They had to be true classics that guarantee hours of fun. 2) The models must match, and you must immediately fall in love with them. 3) These wooden toys must be of high quality, but still affordable. ..After months of preparation, the result was there! The Mini collection was born! A suite of ideas, such as a wooden doll's pram, a toy kitchen, a wooden garage toy, a dressing table, and a toy fridge, all came to life. Just a little bit different, just a little more fun than all the pastel pink and baby blue toys you can find at every corner.


Two beautiful doll houses have been added to the Mini collection with a unique style: a classic doll house play set with lots of nice furniture and dolls. And a smarter, more functional dollhouse that you can also use as a bookcase. Another classic that cannot be missed in the nursery is the wooden rocking horse.


I think we all remember the wooden toys that, as children, we'd play with for hours. Our parents and grandparents grew up with them too. And that desire for authenticity, nostalgia ... every dad and mum harbours a bit of it still. And we would like to have fun wooden baby toys for our little ones that are meant for just one thing: playing along nicely without having to worry that they'll break.

Wood is a natural material that is sturdy and lasts a long time. Also, wood gives wooden baby toys their uniqueness. Petite Amélie wooden toys are made from FSC wood, wherever possible. The wooden baby toy is also fully recyclable, so also a sustainable choice.


Plastic toys - no matter how nice - often disappear in a large bin, a drawer, or under the child's bed. You don't have this problem with wooden toys. They have character. Even if they've lost the wow factor, they can still be a beautiful decorative piece that takes pride of place in the kids' room, the playroom, or even in the living room. Also, you can pass them on to siblings and other relatives or friends, and they're always happy to have them. Simply because wooden toys are lasting toys. Do you want to arrive with a special and original unisex baby shower gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift? Then go for a classic wooden toy. You can't go wrong with one from Petite Amélie, because we have the perfect wooden toy models for both girls and boys!


Something that is striking about wooden toys is that they defy time. A wooden doll's pram today still looks just like the one your grandmother played with. And a wooden rocking horse has not changed much in design either. But the pleasure that they give children is just as great! And to be honest; wooden toys look so much nicer and warmer than plastic toys in a child's nursery, don't they?

See how little ones enjoy playing with Petite Amélie wooden toys

Take a look at our instagram to see happy little ones playing with their timeless wooden toys from Petite Amélie. Our safety-certified toys are great for all children and look great in every room. Gift your child the possibilities for endless fun!