Wall decor ideas for the nursery, functional or decorative?

Fly me to the moon… are you looking for a timeless, wooden bookshelf or beautiful wall decor for your nursery or kids bedroom or just a few wall decor ideas? We have both functional and decorative accessories for the nursery or kids bedroom.

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natural wooden airplane shelf from Petite Amélie

Unique wall shelf in the shape of an airplane | Natural

small wall shelf from Petite Amélie

Small wall shelf «RETRO»

white airplane shelf from Petite Amélie

Unique wall shelf in the shape of an airplane | White

wall shelf wooden from Petite Amélie

White wall shelf unit with natural wood


Here are some wall decor ideas for you from Petite Amélie:

  • Wall shelves: one of our wall decor ideas is to have a wall shelf that can hold cute trinkets to add to the décor of a room or to be more functional and hold some reading books for those cozy evening bedtime stories.
  • Animal head wall decor: another one of our wall decor ideas, which is a great option, is to bring some fun into the room by hanging animal head wall decor in the nursery, this can be paired with one of our animal carpets or bedding that have the same theme. Themes are great and bring a sense of play and fun to a kids bedroom.

Let’s discuss some animal head wall decor options?

To expand on our wall decor ideas, we have a variety of animal head wall decor for you to choose from, our range includes a koala, lion, owl, unicorn, cat, panda and a cute little bear named Ted. The nice thing about having an animal themed room is that you can really go wild, excuse the pun! You can choose a specific animal theme and spread this throughout the room, maybe by choosing an animal head wall decor to hang on the wall, by using a childrens rug with animal face, bedding, or even wall images to tie everything together. Make sure to add texture to the room with organic cotton baby blankets or adding an indoor plant to bring the room to life. Make sure the plant / indoor tree you use is nursery friendly.

What is Nursery wall decor?

Nursery wall decor is accessories or decor that you add to the walls of your baby room or nursery, it can either be functional nursery wall decor or just simply decorative nursery wall decor. One easy way to add colour to a nursery is to paint the walls in one or two colours or to hire an artist to paint a mural that will fit with a specific theme. If you don’t have a theme, maybe you are the minimalist and a Scandinavian style room is what you are looking for. We offer a beautiful, white and wooden wall shelf that can easily be attached to the wall and hold a few reading books or a few minimalistic trinkets. Always make sure that the shelf is out of reach from curious little hands. We also have the option of very cool wooden wall hooks / wall handing knobs that you can attach to the wall for a very modern style kids room or nursery.

Nursery wall decor does not have to necessarily be colourful, a few items to add a pop of colour to the room can be enough. Always remember, less is more.

Looking for shelves for kids rooms?

When it comes to shelves for kids rooms, at Petite Amélie you can find a unique wall shelf in the shape of an airplane, we offer this as one of our wall decor ideas in a natural wood or a white and natural wood option. These shelves for kids rooms can fit with any colour scheme because they are neutral. We also offer a classic wall rack in white with natural wood which can hold some reading books. Always make sure that the shelves are secured to the wall, especially if it holds a few heavier items.

Discover Petite Amélies kids wall decor:

Whether you are looking for a wall hook, animal head, modern shelf or airplane shelves, we have you covered with kids wall decor. When Petite Amélie thinks of wall decor ideas, we put a lot of thought into our shelves and our animal head wall decor. We make sure that the products we offer can suit various homes, spaces and themed rooms. Whether they are full of colour, or simplistic designs.

1. What to put on nursery walls?

This can range from lighting, to murals, to animal head wall décor and shelves. You get to decide what is best for your nursery or baby room!

2. How to style wall shelves?

If your nursery or baby room has a theme, a small toy that ties into the theme, can look really cute to add an element of fun, or even add colour to a plain shelf. A clock is also a nice idea or some pretty reading books. A small plant can add some life to a plain space. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure your shelf can handle the weight of the items and that the shelf is securely attached to the wall.

3. How to decorate a baby room without painting it?

If you are happy with the existing colour of the walls in the nursery or baby room, or if you’re just not keen on painting, you can add colour in many ways to decorate the nursery or your kids room. Petite Amélie’s animal head wall décor can add some colour and interest to the walls, we have beautiful rugs that can bring colour to the space or even furniture like a soft pink bedside table. Have a look at these rugs!