Nursery furniture set: MADE BY A MUM

Design your dream baby room - the perfect space to encourage creativity and growth in your little one. Complete the nursery room with our changing tables, changing mats, blankets, play mats, rugs, mobiles and more! With soft colours and even softer materials, your child is guaranteed to have a cosy area for learning, play and sleep.

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Find the cutest rug for your baby at Petite Amélie

Kids carpet round washable natural with dots 110x110cm from Petite Amélie


round washable beige rug nursery from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug with anti-slip coating «CERCLE» | Off white-taupe

Kids rugs rectangular beige with dots cotton 120x170cm washable from Petite Amélie


rainbow carpet 78x110 petite amelie childrens room decor from Petite Amélie

Washable Rainbow Rug | Rose Pink with Peach tones



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Tip 1 – Ensure a safe baby room

The most important aspect of a nursery room is safety. While you take the precautions to create a safe baby room, there are several questions you want to ask yourself. For example, are the furniture and products you are using for your little one safe? Is the placement of furniture in a hazard-free area? First, you can consider the baby bed.

Stable and Sturdy nursery furniture

How can you determine whether your baby’s cot is safe or not? We’ll answer that for you. There are European Standards that must guarantee the safety of children’s furniture. The manufacturer must comply with these guidelines, which is why we, at Petite Amélie, only manufacture our products with the appropriate safety certifications. Many guidelines in the standard cover the stability and robustness of the structure. A bed frame must be solid and there must be no hazards surrounding the bed. When a cot, cradle or bedside sleeper has bars, it is important that these are never further than 6.5 cm apart to prevent your baby from getting caught in between. The height of the side barriers must be at least 60 cm high. Protruding parts or decorative holes in the headboard should never be present, as these pose as a risk for babies. Safe packaging, clear markings and a paint finish without harmful substances are additional important safety aspects. Petite Amélie tests all cots and bedside sleepers to meet the EN1130:2001 standard.

Clean and sustainable baby products

As our baby beds are tested for safety and stability, our textiles are also certified to be free of harmful substances. All of our products consisting of knitted fabric, such as our blankets, play mats and soft toys are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they are made from materials that are verified to be free of harmful substances. The process of manufacturing the products is also ensured to be complying with the certification requirements. The paint and method used for baby furniture is also important to know. Poor pretreatment or poor application of the paint will lead to noticeable spots or scratches in no time. In addition, it is of course important that the paints used are of high quality and meet the safety EN 71-3: 1994 standard that limits the use of harmful materials as much as possible. All Petite Amélie furniture meets European safety standards in terms of material, construction and paint. You are guaranteed quality baby products from Petite Amélie.

Tip 2 - Planning ahead and saving money

Before you know it, your newborn baby will grow to be a toddler. It’s useful to plan ahead when buying products for your little one that you know they will use for the long-term. If the product is not limited to size, then choose a design that is timeless. To save money on your children’s room decor and accessories, opt for products with neutral colours and simple yet beautiful designs. Your child can grow with the style rather than grow out of it.Children's toys are a good example. With a wooden dolls house, you child can enjoy playing for several years and the dolls house won't got out of style!

Tip 3 - Choose quality items for the baby room

It is an exciting time to plan all the items you need for your nursery room. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming looking for the right products with many baby products available. Take the time to research the products and the manufacturer who is producing the products. It is important to choose quality items that are safe and long-lasting.

Tip 4 – Choose a practical design of the baby room

Consider the placement of furniture and everyday items in the nursery room to ensure you are prepared at all times. Place the furniture in the baby room in such a way that you can easily reach everything. When your child is lying on the changing mat, it is important that you have all diapers, wipes, etc. within reach. Furthermore, make sure that you have enough space to walk through the nursery room by not placing the furniture too close together and be careful of low obstacles in your path.Another tip is to make sure to check the dimensions of products you want. This will save time and trouble overall because you can get the right size for both your child and the space of the room. When ordering online, it is important to read the product descriptions and check the specifications. This way you know exactly what you’re ordering. If you have any questions about the products, make sure to ask the customer service team. They will always be willing to help! :) For a good night's sleep, consider a bedside sleeper cot. That way your baby can sleep next to you and you do not have to leave the bed at night. You can also have peace of mind until your child is ready to sleep alone. If you have a box spring bed without a conversion edge, go for a free-standing co-sleeper. For standard beds with conversion you could opt for a 4-in-1 pull-out bed. Don’t forget a nice chair or stool in the baby room where you can feed quietly. When your child is older, it also comes in handy when you want to read a story before going to sleep.

Tip 5 – Want to design the baby room? ..start with a mood board!

Furnishing the baby room is a project in itself. If you are interested in design and really want to create a special room, then follows the steps of a professional! Before you start purchasing furniture and accessories, it is a good idea to direct your project with an inspiration board or 'mood board'. A mood board is simply a physical or digital collage of ideas and styles that fit together. On a mood board you can place everything from pictures, colour samples and fabrics to words that come to mind.

Pinterest and Instagram are of course fantastic social media platforms where you can gain a lot of inspiration. .. Or maybe you are already bookmarking your favourite internet pages or cutting out magazine clippings.

Tip 6 – Give the baby bedroom a more spacious effect

Smaller exclusive baby rooms can be made more spacious in different ways. First of all, colour is an essential tool to work with. Cooler pastel shades such as lilac, beige and soft blue or yellow in combination with white give a lighter feeling and therefore a spatial effect to the baby room.

In addition to colour, light is a necessary element in a room: The most powerful way to make a children's room feel spatially larger is light. Choose your window decoration in such a way that sufficient light enters during the day and choose sufficient lighting in the right places for the evening. For practical reasons in particular it is nice to have some extra light around the changing table.

Optionally, you can also reflect light by using a beautiful mirror that matches the style of the room. Baby rooms should of course be cheerful and colourful spaces, but beware of using too much contrast when space is limited. When you work with contrasted colours, it doesn't get too fussy and overwhelming when you have one colour tone from your mood board return to the room several times. Then do not position all contrasts at the same height, but let contrasts that occur low at the floor also return to eye level or above them in, for example, a soft cuddle toy on the wardrobe. In this way you 'divide' attention and you create more balance and space. Try to spot this the next time you are in a professionally styled room:P.S. Are you looking for bedding and accessories for your child’s room? Visit the toddler room or nursery page.

Buying a baby room: the practical points

Buying a nursery room involves plenty of research. When there's a lot of aspects to think about, some important points may be overlooked. Here are a few to check back on:

  • Choosing the right height of the changing table
  • Avoid a head and footboard with cut-out shapes as a baby can get caught in the holes
  • The maximum space between bars can be a maximum of 6.5cm
  • Keep the cot mattress clean with a mattress protector
  • All furniture in the nursery must comply with the EN1130:2001 standard

All baby products from Petite Amélie meet the European safety standard. This way you know that your new baby room meets the strict requirements in terms of safety. With us you will find everything you need for in the baby room from changing mats and play mats to bedside sleeper cots or cradles.

Furnishing baby rooms: inspiration & ideas

You naturally want to decorate a baby room. Fortunately, there are different styles in which you can decorate the baby room. Think of an exclusive baby room in a country style or a modern style:

  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Contemporary

There are different styles that you can create. You can do this for example with the materials you use. A baby room with wooden pieces, depending on the type of wood, create different atmospheres. Think of different types of wood such as:

  • MDF wood
  • Solid oak wood
  • Sheet materials
  • Solid softwood

And these are just a few examples. Enough possibilities to set up a new baby room. Do you want more tips for inspiration or ideas for the design of a baby room? Our team is happy to help you discover your wishes and search for everything you need to complete the nursery.

Exclusive baby products from Petite Amélie

You can find wonderful items to decorate and complete your nursery room. All baby products in our range are exclusively available at Petite Amélie. This means that you cannot find our products in other stores and you therefore always have an original product. All our products are manufactured in compliance with European standards. This way you can be sure that you are buying a safe product for your child!

Our concept stores near Paris and Amsterdam

For more inspiration or just a cup of tea or coffee you are welcome in our Petite Amélie concept stores located near Paris and Amsterdam. There, you can view our baby rooms in person and our lovely team will gladly help you further with all your questions about buying a baby products. We are also happy to help you via Facebook, telephone or our contact form!