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Toddler table and chairs wooden set | bunny rabbit | White

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Toddler table and chairs wooden set | bunny rabbit | White

A fun children's table and chair set in the shape of bunny ears. Made from MDF and solid wood. The table and bunny ear chairs set is also available in plywood.

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  • > 2 years
  • Solid wood
  • Solid construction

from 159.95 to 129.95 discount 30.00

Pros and Cons
  • Solid construction, made from MDF and solid wood

  • Smooth finish

  • Unique, decorative furniture in the nursery

Information about the Bunny Chair Set

The 'Bunny Chairs' set are available exclusively at Petite Amélie. The set consists of two white toddler seats and a table. The solid wooden legs have a light, natural wood colour. The toddler seats are smoothly finished, robust and solid.

Product Specifications

  • Parts in the set: Table with two matching toddler seats
  • Colour: White with natural, light wooden legs
  • Material: MDF and solid wood
  • Seat height: 30 cm
  • Toddler seat dimensions: L: 30 x W: 30: x H: 60 cm
  • Dimensions table: L: 50 x W: 50 x H: 50 cm
  • Finish: Carefully finished
  • Tested and compliant against NF D 60-300 
  • The paint meets European standards and is safe for children
  • Suitable for children from two to around four years
  • Child's chair and table are only supplied as a complete set

Product Details

  • Solid wood legs
    Sturdy material for chairs

  • Dimensions

    Table: L:50 x W:50 x H:50 cm
    Chairs: L:30 x W:30: x H:60 cm

  • As of 2 years

    Ideal for children as of 2 years

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