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Cookies Policy

More about our cookies policy

When you visit our website, cookies are placed. Cookies ensure that you do not have to enter the same information repeatedly when you leave our site and return later. Quite handy!

They also help us better understand how our website is used. We then use this information to improve our site and offer customers a better experience.

Finally, we also use cookies for marketing purposes. For example, if you have viewed our wooden toys page, then it is possible that you will see the same wooden toys again as an advertisement. If you prefer not to have personalised advertisements, you can disable cookies use for marketing purposes. The steps for doing so are below.

In addition to using cookings, the website also uses JavaScript. With this we can, for example, ensure that the content of your shopping basket is always saved while browsing our site. 


How can you accept cookies?

To access a fully-functioning Petite Amélie site, you must accept our cookies. You can accept cookies from the website in two ways:
1) By closing the cooking message that you will see on your first visit or
2) By simply continuing to browse our site


Set your cookie settings here

We are very careful with the information we collect you. You can indicate below what we may collect from you by choosing the standard or personal cookie package:


When to choose the standard cookie package?

Choose this option if you want only want to access the simple functions of the website, but you do not want to see any personalised advertisements from us. 

In short:

  • Our website functions properly.
  • You can log in securely and we remember your login information.
  • We save what you have placed in the shopping care on your last visit.
  • We use analytical cookies for the purpose of improving our site.

When to choose the personalised cookie package?

  • You get all the functionalities that are also included in the standard cookie package. The important difference from the standard cookie package is that cookies are also placed in the personalised package that ensures that you only see advertisements for products you may find interesting.

Disable cookies completely

You can also visit our site completely free of cookie and Javascript. In that case, you have to take into account that our website is not working optimally. The browser you use determines whether you can browse completely cookie-free:

Read more about our privacy policy

More information about cookies and how we handle your data is available in our privacy policy