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Create your own aesthetic mood board in minutes using our free mood board creator! Use our product images and combine them with your pictures to create a unique and personal kids room.

Share your creation on Instagram using #mypetiteamelie and stand a chance to win a €75 voucher! We will select a winner every month. This will be the person who has created the most original looking mood board.

To help you get started, we have created a few mood board templates, but feel free to start a board from scratch and make it your own! Help needed? Read our tutorial.

Free online mood board for the nursery

On Instagram you will come across beautiful ideas, you might have an exquisitely restored antique dresser from your grandmother, and at Petite Amélie, you have seen a cute chair for the nursery. How do you combine all these great ideas? ..Right! It's time to merge all your ideas onto one mood board. Good news! With our online mood board creator, you can create your own unique board for free. Create a nursery or baby room exactly the way you want it. Use photos of our products and personalize your creation by also uploading your own photos. Not sure where to start? ..No problem. To inspire you, we have already made a number of mood board templates for you. Choose one of the above themes to get started and complete it with your own photos. Do you want to start from scratch? Click here to open the mood board maker with a blank canvas. Are you all set? ..Save your mood board and don't forget to share it with others on Instagram with #mypetiteamelie. To help you get started, follow some tips from our stylists below!

Step 1: Start by getting inspiration and make a colour palette

You have probably already spent a lot of time on Pinterest, Instagram, blogs and various online boutiques looking for fun things for the nursery, now consider which style best suits the nursery you want to create. Are you trying to achieve a quiet atmosphere with lots of light, do you choose a cool toned room with darker colours or do you still opt for warm Scandinavian accents? Try to summarize your own style in a color palette. This is a selection of color shades that you would like to apply in the nursery. In our mood board creator, you can easily do this by adding coloured circles with the selection of colours chosen by yourself. In the mood board creator, you can choose any colour you want. Colours in the mood board maker have a specific "Hex code": for example, a dark beige shade that we use often has code # E9E3DB. Have you seen a beautiful colour paint in NCS, RAL, or maybe CMYK, RGB or Pantone? .. You can easily convert most colours to Hex format. Search the Internet for "convert CMYK to Hex" and you will find a variety of tools to convert one colour code to another.

Step 2: Consider what kind of digital mood board you want to create

A digital mood board can be more abstract. In that case it becomes a collage of only colours and materials such as wood, wallpaper, floor, etc. A more "specific" mood board for the nursery contains, in addition to colour tones, furniture and accessories. Important: Do you see something fun? .. Don't forget to save the pictures you find in a separate folder.

Step 3: Select the images

Now the real work begins! As soon as you've acquired some inspiration and saved your photos, it's time to combine everything into one beautiful masterpiece in the Petite Amélie mood board creator. Play around with your images until it’s completely to your liking. Whilst selecting the most beautiful pictures, keep checking whether everything still fits your colour palette.

Step 4: Save and share your creation

Is the mood board completely to your liking? Then save it and share it with others. Maybe they have some useful tips or other ideas to complete your collage. Are your children a bit older already? .. How nice is it to design the nursery together? Have fun creating your own beautiful nursery! .. "Made by a Mum", just as it began with Petite Amélie.

How to create a Mood board?

Start by getting inspired and collecting lots of photos. Combine your ideas into one with our free online mood board creator.

Can I also add my own photos to my mood board?

Yes, with our mood board creator, you can easily add your own photos.

Can I also save my digital mood board?

Yes, you can save your design and share it with others via social media.