Pretend play toy food allows children to pretend to cook and eat their meals. Toy food has been popular for decades. It is a beautiful and timeless gift to give your child. Petite Amélie explains the advantages of pretend play toys and helps you choose the most suitable toy food, ice cream toy or kitchen toy for your little one..
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white wooden play toy dinner set from Petite Amélie

Wooden Toy Dinner Cooking Set | 13-Piece | Off White

toy kitchen set white 13 piece wood sorbier from Petite Amélie

Wooden toy dinner cooking set | «Sorbier» | White | 13-piece

dusty pink wooden play toy dinner set from Petite Amélie

Toy Wooden Cooking, Cutlery and Crockery Set | Soft Pink

grey wooden play toy dinner set from Petite Amélie

Wooden Toy Dinner Set | 13-Piece | Mint Grey

Special Price 21,56 Regular Price 26,95
wooden fruit and vegetable toy set with chopping board from Petite Amélie

Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Set with chopping board | Wooden Toys

Special Price 18,36 Regular Price 22,95
toy ice cream stand set wood from Petite Amélie

Ice cream stand | pastel colours

Special Price 26,36 Regular Price 32,95


Do you know what a pretend play toy is? This is a children's toy that looks exactly like an existing object from adult life, adapted to the child because of its size, its materials etc.

This could include a workbench, a puppet theatre toy, a kitchen, a car garage, a farm or an ice cream toy is also part of the pretend play games. Depending on the type of toy, for example, our ice cream toy is intended for children from 3 years old and this can be enjoyed for many years. It is something that can be played with over and over again without it becoming a boring toy.

The toy kitchen or toy food has been around for decades and a must have when it comes to children's toys.


A toy kitchen set is an imitation toy or pretend play toy and children love to copy their parents. Among the wide choice of imitation toys, the toy kitchen set is one of the essentials:

✔️ The toy kitchen set helps develop the child's imagination.✔️ A toy kitchen set also helps to recognize everyday objects.


✔️The children's wooden kitchen set assists in the stimulation of the child, improves speech and motor skills.✔️ A wooden kitchen set allows children to learn to socialize, to interact with others and to learn each other's roles and duties.✔️ Because it is important today to teach children how to share household chores, the toy kitchen will suit both girls and boys. You show them that both Mum and Dad can cook.✔️ A toy kitchen promises hours and hours of play. It is simply a question of inventing a story.✔️ Timeless, a toy kitchen is not a toy that is surfing on a trend and will go out of style next year.✔️ Toy food, the ice cream toy, and in particular the complete toy cooker, is a beautiful birthday or Christmas present, a beautiful piece that creates a sensation.✔️ Finally, the kitchen toy can be a real decoration in your children's room, especially if you opt for a wooden stove, which will go very well with a children's room in Scandinavian style.


If the space available in the children's room allows it, you can buy a complete stove, with worktop, sink, pots, etc. We advise you to opt for a wooden children's kitchen, a beautiful, robust quality toy. Petite Amélie offers you several wooden toys so that your child can play as if they are real chefs or shop keepers.

For young children, they will love their own kids cooking set, a 13 piece set which includes the following accessories:

  • 2 plates
  • 2 forks
  • 2 knives
  • 3x kitchen utensils
  • 2-part pan set
  • salt & pepper shaker

You can also opt for the matching toy kitchen : Petite Amélie offers you a children's pink toy kitchen or a lovely mint grey toy kitchen. In addition to an oven and hob space, it has a larger-than-life sink. You will appreciate its vintage look, a real miniature style fifties - sixties kitchen.

Also discover MY FIRST KITCHEN with its oven and hotplates, delivered with 8 accessories, such as a saucepan or ladles. This toy kitchen is white with natural wood and painted details.


The wooden toy kitchen is often the preference of parents for its warm and classic appearance! Petite Amélie offers many wooden toys including a wooden dinner set, in three different colours, a large children's wooden kitchen, a dollhouse, dollhouse accessories ...

Also discover the wooden dinner set and a set of wooden fruit and vegetables for children to cut. In a pretty shade of natural light wood it comes with a wooden knife, a cutting board and can be ‘cut’ through thanks to its Velcro sides which make a ‘cutting’ noise when played with. I would be first in line for a bowl of freshly made salad!


If you don't want to buy toys that are too big in size for your child, you can opt for toy kitchen accessories, without the complete cooker.

The toy food, toy dinner sets or ice cream toys are often sold as a kit: you will find sets of food, cutlery, utensils, and other useful items for the kitchen. These accessories can complete a children's toy kitchen but can also be used on their own. Toy food or toy kitchens are often made of colourful or bright plastic. We advise you instead to opt for a wooden toy: it offers a more classic design, and it is a quality material, natural, better for the planet and for the health of children. Petite Amélie offers 3 accessory kits, wooden toys that will delight your children. Discover the grey wooden cutlery and crockery set, made up of 13 pieces: all the cutlery that is needed to play at the dinner table or cooker. The meal can be completed with the wooden fruit and vegetable set. They are accompanied by a chopping board and knife, to pretend to cut the vegetables. This set is playful but also elegant. Finally, you will melt in front of the Petite Amélie ice lolly toy set, made up of 6 coloured ice cream sticks with their display. You can also purchase the ice cream toy set that looks like an ice cream parlour.

The set consists of 12 ice creams:

  • 3 cones
  • 6 scoops
  • 3 ice creams

Now with all these small toys, it is important not to leave all these toys lying around in the children's room, you can store the set in a beautiful toy storage basket or a toy box, like the "CERISE" wooden toy box model in natural and white wood by Petite Amélie. You will appreciate its Scandinavian design, a beautiful piece to add to the nursery or in the children's playroom:

Questions about our toy food? Here are some of the questions we receive from customers:

1. What age do you recommend for the toy food or ice cream toys?

We recommend these toys from age 3 and up.

2. What toy can I purchase for a 1 year old?

We have a toy suitable for a 12 month old which is the animal pull along toy or the shape sorter toy. Have a look here for these wooden baby toys.

3. What toy can I purchase for an 18 month old baby?

If the baby can walk on his or her own without being assisted, we have a beautiful wooden baby walker or wooden dolls pram that can be used for a little girl or boy to cart teddies or cars in.